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A podcast about the curious, enlightening and occasionally criminal underbelly of the internet.


6: Online Street Crime

6: Online Street Crime

Jordan Bloemen and Scott Francis Winder explore the commercialization of cybercrime.


Hacked began as a concept for a documentary. With Jordan asking questions and Scott answering, they quickly realized that the content was definitely of interest but the base of knowledge was too much to transfer in a single video. Hence, Hacked.

It seems that everyday a news story breaks that speaks to digital security. Every season, a new TV show tries to latch onto this growing curiosity but most fail to represent reality.

We hope you enjoy!


Scott Francis Winder

Scott Francis Winder

Scott grew up with technology. Learning to type before he could write legibly (a task that he still struggles with), he immediately took an interest to computers and networking. His childhood was spent inside a terminal learning and controlling technology.

Jordan Bloemen

Jordan Bloemen

Jordan is a natural born storyteller. His beautifully rounded radio voice helps. Jordan is fascinated with the digital security and uses Scott as a research tool. Aside from being a brilliant communicator, Jordan is the composer responsible for all the sounds and music that you hear.


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We don’t really have a set story arc to our season. We are going to try and mimic how a young hacker might be exposed to the world of hacking.

No. We admit that digital security is fascinating but we do not condone illegal activity.